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Why you should Not try DDoS Experiments

There are many reasons that DDoS attacks are witnessing a steady growth with time. From the obvious commercial reason for getting paid for the attacks, another equally influencing reason for their spread is the curiosity factor involved in it. There are a lot of hackers and aspiring hackers, who often, in their quest for knowledge, experiments with DDoS attacks. This number is not in ones or tens, but much more than that.

SRS Networks if you are an active member of popular hacking forums, then you will have an idea of who popular DDoS attacks are within the forum members. Some of them will demonstrate a DDoS attack in front of others while others try to quit around and ask various questions regarding it so that they can prepare the theory and then proceed ahead with the practical!

The point here is that there are two kinds of mentalities, one of them wants to experiment with them for purely increasing their knowledge, while others want to learn it for a purpose. They might want to plan a DDoS attack on any of their enemies and hence want to learn so that they can then take revenge or whatever.

In either case, one should realize that the impact and after effect of any DDoS attack will only be destructive. In no way, you can escape from the responsibility of the attack and from its consequences and therefore, it is not at all advised that you do or encourage others to get involved with it in any way. It does not matter what your purpose it, DDoS attack is cybercrime and many DDoS attackers have even been convicted for their acts. We thank you for reading this article. Consult SRS Networks for more internet security-related information.

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